Adam Wakeman on Keyboards for Sabbath’s 2005 Live Dates

Overnight I got an email from Adam Wakeman who handled keyboard duties (what that they were) on the Ozzfest 2004 gigs. Adam told me that he will be handling keyboards again for Black Sabbath during their 2005 live dates.
I was curious about this, as keyboards have mostly been hidden – the keyboardist in Black Sabbath has only once (the 1986 Seventh Star Tour) been onstage. Adam told me that other than his keyboard fills, he played rhythm guitar with Tony on Paranoid. For many years (1979 or so through the last live gig in 2001), Geoff Nicholls handled keyboards for Black Sabbath with varying degrees of involvment. Geoff also played rhythm guitar, and even handled background vocals for several singers in the band’s history (including Ozzy).
So it appears that Geoff Nicholls isn’t coming back – I wonder what happened there after so many years?