Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, & Anthrax on US Ozzfest 2005

A news story posted this afternoon over at blabbermouth says that Ozzfest 2005 will hit the US with Black Sabbath & Iron Maiden headlining. Along with that will be a “classic” version (read not the current version) of Anthrax.
While it’s really cool we have Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden on Ozzfest, I’m a little disturbed by the report that Anthrax has “secured a spot” by putting together an old version of the band. I have been reading rumours about that for some time now, and the one I’ve read the most is that Sharon Osbourne (Ozzfest tour promoter) said that Anthrax could play, but only if it was a version of the band that was responsible for their best selling albums (meaning not the current John Bush fronted version). What bothers me most about that is the precedent set where a tour promoter can say “Well, you can play, but I only want the band if this guy, this guy, and this guy are in there. The other ones can go sod off”.
However, let me also add that these Anthrax/Sharon things are just rumour and speculation. I have no proof that is really the way it comes down, but even if it is just a rumour, I don’t like the possibility of a tour promoter dictating band lineups. This is all also unconfirmed by Black Sabbath management, so I’m hoping to see some sort of official press release on all this soon.
Still no word on the rumour that Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes might also have a slot on this coming Ozzfest, which for me would be a huge attraction.