More Black Sabbath 2005 European Tour Dates

This morning I was sent news that some more Black Sabbath European Tour Dates have come to light. These dates are:
Jul. 03 – Stockholm, SWE @ Globen
Jul. 07 – Oslo, NOR @ Oslo Spektrum
That brings the dates I have to 6. It’s pretty spotty as we still don’t have a complete itinerary yet, as none of this has been announced or confirmed by band management to this date. Same goes for the rumoured US Ozzfest dates in late July through September. As usual, once I get official confirmation (and/or more dates), I’ll report back.
In the meantime, you can check my 2005 Tour Dates Page for the complete list of dates to this point.
UPDATE: I’ve also got a few dates that people have sent me as being discussed, but I have to classify them as rumour, as they haven’t been “confirmed” by the various venues they’re supposed to be held at. These RUMOURED dates are:
June 14 – Dortmund Germany
June 16 – Munich Germany