Iron Maiden not playing last 7 Ozzfest dates?

Yesterday it was announced that Iron Maiden was going to play Ozzfest along with Black Sabbath. However, it appears that Iron Maiden is not playing the FULL set of Ozzfest gigs.
If you look at the listed tour dates on Iron Maiden’s website, the last one they list is August 20th (Los Angeles). The seven dates after that, starting with Aug 23 in Albuquerque NM will not apparently have Iron Maiden on the show. Personally, I think that stinks, and if they sign up for the tour, they should do the whole thing. I personally was planning on seeing ’em Aug 25th in Dallas.
The official Ozzfest site doesn’t mention anything about Iron Maiden not playing the entire set of gigs. The Iron Maiden site simply doesn’t list gigs past the 20th, there is no specific mention of them not playing the entire Ozzfest. I sure hope this is an error on someone’s part, and it’s not really them not wanting to play the whole thing.
UPDATE: I was emailed by site visitor Stuart Panrucker this afternoon about this topic, and it appears the reason that Iron Maiden isn’t completing Ozzfest is that they’re already booked to play the Reading & Leeds festivals in England.