I’m back

Hey gang. I’m back. My wife and I had our kid on the 16th, and as anyone who has had a kid knows, that takes a lot out of you. I’ve been catching up at work, and today was the first day I had a chance to start to tackle the mountain of emails and whatnot that have come into this site. I knocked off a hundred or so this afternoon, plenty more to go.
The best bit of news that’s happened since I’ve been “offline” was that Tony Iommi’s new solo album has a release date and a name now. It’s due out July 12th, and is called “Fused”. Everything I’ve read about it says that it’s going to be f’in badass.
Geezer’s new album is almost out too, it’s very heavy and very good – I’ll have a review shortly. Plus we have albums due from Tony Martin, and the long delayed third album by Bill Ward. I’m also jazzed about the rumours of a possible Iommi/Hughes & GZR tour in the fall. That will be great if it happens.
I also was listening to Eddie Trunk last weekend on XM Radio’s Metal station, and he said that he heard there was likely to be Black Sabbath live dates in the US after Ozzfest is over – that aren’t actual Ozzfest gigs, which means we might get a proper set list. Hopefully that will come true.
I’ll have some proper news updates shortly. Also, in something that has little to do with Black Sabbath… The new Doctor Who series is awesome! Check it out if you haven’t.