Geezer Butler Ohmwork Single Now Out there

The first single from Ohmwork has been released to radio and is available to your local radio station right now. The song is “I Believe”. You can download a 30 second sample of this song here. This single will not be released commercially, it’s only available to radio. However, several radio stations are playing it now (along with other GZR tracks). Here is a list of all the stations that are currently spinning the album and what tracks they have spun, along with the station website so that you can go there and e-quest or find out how to request Ohmwork tracks via phone.
“Aural Sects”
WEBN 102.7 Cincinnati
KXXR Minneapolis
“I Believe”
WYSP Philadelphia
WAXQ NY 104.3
KIOZ San Diego 105.3
KBER Salt Lake City
KATT Oklahoma City 100.5
WHEB Portsmouth
WHJY Providence 94.1
WKRL Syracuse
“Pardon My Depression”
KISW 99.9 Seattle
WAAF Boston 107.3
WEBN 102.7 Cincinnati
WTFX 100.5 Louisville
WRIF Detroit
“Pull the String”
WRQC 92.5
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