Geezer Butler’s Ohmwork Is out, plus Journal Update

I neglected to mention this yesterday, but Geezer Butler’s new album is out! Ohmwork was released yesterday, and should be available in your local store. If not, there’s plenty of online alternatives to purchase the latest disc by GZR. Here’s some links for you to buy it..
There’s some samples from Ohmwork over on Geezer’s site. You can also check out the info on Ohmwork here on this site. And if you use iTunes, they have sound samples for all 10 songs, so check it all out. Better yet, order yourself a copy of Ohmwork today!
In other Geezer news, he’s posted an update to the Journal over at his site. In the update posted today, he talks about various topics. They are Tony Iommi’s new album (which Geezer calls “the best album I’ve heard in years”), the War in Iraq, his new kitten, and of course has something to say about Black Sabbath. Check it out over at Geezer’s Official Site!