Twenty Questions with Geezer

There’s a very amusing and extremely entertaining interview with Geezer over at the Metal Sludge website now. It’s quite good and several things will probably make you laugh out loud. Here’s a few samples from the entire interview:
Q: There must be a million Black Sabbath tribute albums out there. Have you ever listened to any of them, and if so, was there any particular band’s cover of one of your songs that stood out and impressed you?
A: Yeah, I listened to quite a few of them, but there’s, like, so many of them now. I get about 10 of them every week in the post. I really like Type O Negative’s version of “Black Sabbath.” And I love The Bad Plus’ version of “Iron Man.”
Q. Of the following, which do you prefer:
A: Poison or Warrant = Uuuuuurrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Note: That’s the sound Geezer actually made when we asked him that question! “Uuuuuurrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!” There’s no other way to transcribe it.) Uuuuuurrgghhhhhhhhh! Hahahahhaha! Neither of them!
This is a very good interview, if you haven’t checked it out already, you should do so straight away. The full interview is available here.