Dio’s Holy Diver to be Reissued – FINALLY!

In something that I know a lot of people have been waiting for, the first (and a lot of people would argue the best) Dio album, Holy Diver, is to be reissued on September 30th. Check out this news story from melodicrock.com.

HOLY DIVER’ SET TO BE RE-ISSUED SEPTEMBER 30: It has now been confirmed that Dio’s 1983 landmark album, Holy Diver, will be re-released in upgraded form on September 30th 2005. A joint project between Universal Music & Rock Candy Records, this new version of a recognised rock classic has been comprehensively remastered for maximum impact, and will also come complete with extensive sleeve notes, expanded original artwork (including hand-written lyrics) plus a brand new audio interview with singer Ronnie James Dio himself. Distribution is via Universal Music. In the course of the interview, Ronnie talks in detail about the formation of Dio the band, and the background to the Holy Diver debut – the first time he’d released a record under his own name, and the first time (having parted company with both Rainbow & Black Sabbath) he was truly in charge of his own destiny. Dio start an 11-date UK tour on October 9 2005, the intention being to play the ‘Holy Diver’ album in full in the course of what promises to be a memorable night of truly timeless music.

I was following Sabbath when this album came out. My first Black Sabbath album was Mob Rules, so when Vinny & Ronnie split Sabbath to form Dio, I was quite interested in what they’d put out. Holy Diver to a lot of people is the album that Sabbath should have made after Mob Rules. I love Born Again, it’s a great album, but at the time, I think Holy Diver was more well received. As well it should be, Holy Diver is an absolute classic. I’m glad to see that it’s getting an upgrade. Provided of course Ronnie doesn’t replace Jimmy Bain & Vinny Appice with Rudy Sarzo & Simon Wright (hello Mr. Osbourne), I think the reissue will be well received as well.