Geezer Butler releases 1986 Demo Track

Over on the Official Geezer Butler Website, Geezer has released “a special Christmas Present” for everyone. It’s an mp3 of a track recorded originally back in 1986 as “The Geezer Butler Band”. The track name is ‘Computer God’ which should be familiar to Black Sabbath fans. Here’s a few factoids about the song:

  • The band on the song is Geezer Butler (bass), Pedro Howse (guitar), Carl Sentance (vocals), Jezz Woodroffe (keyboards), & Gary Ferguson (drums).
  • This was part of an unreleased recording session back in 1986 done in at Rockfield Studios, in Momouthshire, Wales.
  • The song shares its title with a song from the Black Sabbath Dehumanizer album. However, other than the song title, there is no relation between the two tracks. In Geezer’s own words, “I borrowed the title from it for Dehumanizer.”

Geezer also had this to say about the lyrics on the song.. “I wrote the lyrics about God being the ultimate computer, an idea which was carried on in the song “Catatonic Eclipse” on the Plastic Planet album.”
You’ll want to head over to Geezer’s site to download the track, which is available for free as an mp3 download.