Get smart about Spam, please

If you visit this website, or you have my email addresses in your address book, would you please do some virus scanning on your system? The reason is that I’m getting innundated with email virus bombs, on the order of 2,000 msgs a day. Someone (or multiple people) out there have my Sabbath mail and sabbath list emails in their address books, as I’m getting them at these addresses. See the picture at the bottom of this message? I’m getting hundreds and hundreds of these emails per day. The capture is just a small portion – this is what’s come into my box in the last 30 minutes or so before my posting this.
Generally the way these things work is that someone who is stupid about computer operations puts someone else in their address book, they get infected, and everyone in their address book gets boatloads of virus infected emails because they were stupid enough not to bother to virus protect their system. Or they did do that, and didn’t keep up with updates. Having a virus scanner on your system that isn’t updated is… well.. you might as well not have one.
If you read this message, please get your system protected. It’s not fun having to waste so much time each day processing these things because people who visit my site are stupid about their own computers. Please go put virus scanning software on your computer. If you have it already, update it – make sure you’re current with definitions. If you’ve already done these, please check your system out. It’ll save the rest of the internet a lot of time.
Just like parenting, there should be an IQ test before you’re allowed on the Internet. If you’re the person who has allowed your computer to become a mail sending zombie, you should be barred from the Internet. Permanently.