Black Sabbath on Youtube

If you’ve spent any time around the net lately, you’ll know that one of the more popular destiations is Youtube. It’s basically a site that allows anyone to post videos of (pretty much) anything. Decided to poke around there today and see what I could find. It’s actually very easy to find Black Sabbath stuff there. Just go there and put Black Sabbath in their search box. But I wanted to take some time and point out some of the more obscure stuff I found there (and not just everyone’s bootleg video of Sabbath doing Iron Man or Paranoid, of which there’s a lot).
Technical note: These files require the Macromedia flash player to be active in your browser. Also, while I’m linking to several of them, I recommend against trying to play them all at the same time; could crash your browser. :)

Trashed Music Video from Born Again

Zero the Hero Music Video from Born Again

Get a Grip Music Video from Forbidden

No Stranger to Love Music Video from Seventh Star

It’s Alright Music Video from Technical Ecstasy

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Music Video

Heaven & Hell Live from Costa Mesa 1992 with Rob Halford

Pantera’s Planet Caravan Cover Video

Clip from the Movie Heavy Metal when the Mob Rules Music was used

Tony Iommi with Queen & James Hetfield doing Stone Cold Crazy

“The Black Sabbath Show” Cartoon