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Heaven & Hell in 2007 is “official” – UPDATED 10/26

[ Discuss this story on our forums here ] A story going around today on Blabbermouth about the Iommi/Ward/Butler/Dio reunion as “Heaven & Hell” is claiming that a representative with Tony Iommi’s camp has said that the reunion is “officially happening”. As you probably know, I work for both Bill Ward & Geezer Butler, as […]

No new news on the Dio front

Since I posted that news update about a month ago about the Dio shows, the box set, etc… I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking “what’s going on”. Just wanted to post this and say I’ve already told you what’s going on. I don’t know any more secret dirt on what I’ve said already. […]

Old Born Again Video

I’ve seen this video before, it’s been ages since, but I remember it well. I remember it as being one of the few times Black Sabbath has mimed on television. The audio is the same stuff from the Born Again album. Does anyone remember what show this was on, and in what country? If so, […]