Alan “Fluff” Freeman Dies

In all my time running this site, I’ve gotten a lot of fan mail – some of it from Sab fans who have been around since the beginning. If you’re one of those fans, then you might find interest in this story. As you may have read, long time popular British Radio DJ Alan Freeman has just died. The BBC has a large story and several relevant links online – go check it out.
If you’re asking yourself why I’m covering this here, it’s because of the man’s nickname. He’s generally known as Alan “Fluff” Freeman. Sab fans will recognize the name as a song from the 1973 album “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. I received an email from Geezer Butler this morning saying that this is indeed the connection. Here’s what Geezer had to say:

Alan Freeman, the dj who played Paranoid to death until it was a hit, just died, [the track “Fluff” on SBS] was dedicated to him, as his nickname was Fluff.

Those of you who grew up with Freeman and are Sab fans will want to take a minute to remember Fluff, I’m sure. If you have Sabbath Bloody Sabbath handy, get it out, and give the song Fluff a listen. I’m sure Fluff would like that.