New Track Information

Right as I left for the Christmas vacation, this news broke, and I wanted to make sure you saw it. Martin Popoff had an article for about the Dio Years CD. Ronnie talks about the meaning behind one of the tracks (Shadow of the Wind). Check it out:

Says Dio, “‘Shadow Of The Wind’ really could be explained a lot of different ways. There is no shadow of the wind, so you’re dealing with inconsequential things here. So that kind of simile, I really like a lot, as you know from all the things I’ve written. But this one is more about a guy who used to be a severe drug addict, who went into rehab to solve his problems. So it’s really the drug talking to him through this whole song. And the guy has decided that I guess he’s going to have another go at it. So the drug says to him, ‘This time I’m back and I’m stronger, and the first one is always free, and it lasts much longer.’ So it’s a much better drug than it used to be. ‘You can bet your sanity.’ So anyway, it’s about the needle, or something, slipping under the guy’s skin. And that’s ‘Shadow Of The Wind’.”

But what’s much cooler to me is the fact that when Vinny Appice came over to do his bits on the tracks, he recorded them in Tony Iommi’s studio. The cool part about THAT is that the drum kit that is in Tony’s studio used to belong to Cozy Powell. So the late Cozy Powell will be on the new Sabbath material in a small way. That was a nice thing to read.