A couple of small updates on the Dio Years

I got a response back from my queries to band management about the Dio Years CD. Here’s a few tidbits about things I’ve seen posted.

  • The plan is for this to be a worldwide release, unlike the North American only releases Rhino had in the last couple of years.
  • These songs are unedited. If you recall, last year’s Greatest Hits album had Iron Man shortened a bit to fit everything on the disc. This confirms my speculation about time issues in a post from earlier this morning.
  • The old songs have been remastered, these are not the same versions that have been out on CD for awhile.
  • The tracks on this disc are the only ones remastered. If you recall, there was a 2 CD Greatest Hits package in 2002. Said 2002 remasters were culled from an overall remastering project done for 2004’s Black Box. The same thing has not been done here.

No word yet on the length of the three new studio tracks; when I get that, I’ll report back again.