Black Sabbath: The Dio Years Track Listing

Earlier this evening, the alleged track listing for “Black Sabbath: The Dio years” popped up on the net. I am now attempting to confirm the validity of said track list. Until I get formal confirmation from the band, consider this a rumour:
It’s been posted on – that’s about as official as it can get. This is then the track listing for “Black Sabbath: The Dio Years”, due to be released on April 3rd, less than 8 weeks away.

  1. Neon Knights
  2. Lady Evil
  3. Heaven And Hell
  4. Die Young
  5. Lonely Is The Word
  6. The Mob Rules
  7. Turn Up The Night
  8. Voodoo
  9. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
  10. After All (The Dead)
  11. TV Crimes
  12. I
  13. Children Of The Sea – Live
  14. The Devil Cried*
  15. Shadow Of The Wind*
  16. Ear In The Wall*

* – Newly recorded track for this disc
If you break that down, it’s six songs from Heaven & Hell, four songs from Mob Rules, three from Dehumanizer, one from Live Evil, and the three new tracks. That’s 16 songs, a couple of which (Falling off and Heaven & Hell) are not 3-4 minute songs, either. Here’s the length of these songs in my copies of them in iTunes….

  • Neon Knights 3:53
  • Lady Evil 4:26
  • Heaven And Hell 6:59
  • Die Young 4:45
  • Lonely Is The Word 5:50
  • The Mob Rules 3:15
  • Turn Up The Night 3:42
  • Voodoo 4:32
  • Falling Off The Edge Of The World 5:03
  • After All (The Dead) 5:41
  • TV Crimes 4:02
  • I 5:13
  • Children Of The Sea – Live 6:04

We do not know the length of the three new songs. So even without the new songs, I put the total time for the music at 63:25. If you assume a CD holds 80 minutes of music, that leaves about 16:30 for the three new songs. It’ll be a squeeze, but it looks like these songs can fit on here without any editing like was done with Iron Man on last year’s Greatest Hits 70-78 disc. We shall see.