Cool new interview with Vinny Appice

Thanks to those of you who emailed me and told me about a new interview over at It’s a pretty long interview where Vinny talks about the forthcoming tour and new recordings. Here’s a few tidbits from the full interview:

KNAC.COM: So you went to England to lay down the three new drum tracks for the upcoming Heaven And Hell release. Tell me a little bit about the three new songs. How do they hey differ from early Sabbath?
APPICE: Obviously, from the early stuff, they are a little bit more polished. There is more production quality on them. The songs themselves contain very heavy riffs. There are two songs that are on the slow side, so they a bit more Sabbathy. It sounds like a cross between “Heaven And Hell”, and “Dehumanizer”. Ronnie is singing his ass off and Tony and Geezer are playing asses off. It is really cool, I am really excited.
KNAC.COM: So it sounds like you are going to remain on the road with Heaven And Hell throughout 2007. Is that correct?
APPICE: Right, it is supposed to go until December.
KNAC.COM: Will it be an elaborate stage show?
APPICE: From what I was told, it is going to be a nice stage set, with a lot of lights, some effects here and there. I don’t know if there will be any pyro involved, but it will be show. It is not going to be us up there with just a bunch of amps.
KNAC.COM: What can the fans expect to hear on the upcoming tour?
APPICE: We have been rehearsing. Yesterday, we played seventeen songs, which is a lot. It is not going to be seventeen songs, but it is going to be a very long set. It will probably be longer than the usual one hour and twenty minute set. I think they want to play a lot of the stuff. It depends on how we put it all together. It is going to be all the classic songs, that we haven’t played live really much. Plus a couple of the new ones, it is going to be a great set list.

You’ll definitely want to read all of this. Check it out over at