The Devil Cried on Sirius Satellite Radio

A quick update on the new Sabbath song. If you have Sirius Satellite Radio, you’ll want to read this email I just received a few minutes ago:

Just thought I’d let you know (and I’m probably not the first) that Sirius satellite radio played “Devil Cried” tonight at around 9:30 EST. Very, very cool song. For those that have Sirius, I can guess that this will probably be in fairly heavy rotation, as they also put the new Metallica song in pretty heavy rotation after it was getting played during the European tour (and subsequently released via their web site by buying the concert). And this is, after all, Black F-ing Sabbath, so the Sirius metal channel will probably play the hell out of it.

Thanks to Larry Burnett for sending that in. If you have Sirius, you’ll want to check out their metal channel (HardAttack 27).