The Press Monster has started

As we’ve now hit February, we have reached the month where Major League Baseball Spring Training starts (baseball is something I enjoy probably a lot more than the Sabs). It’s also the month that tour rehearsals start for the Heaven & Hell Tour.
In fact, Geezer Butler recently gave a good interview with Classic Rock Revisited where he refers to tour rehearsals initially happening separately and then coming together. Here’s what Geezer had to say about rehearsals, and learning old songs again:

Jeb: You have not visited the Dio era Sabbath material for some time. Has it been easy for you to revisit those songs?
Geezer: No, it has been really hard. For this tour we are doing strictly Dio era songs. Apart from “Neon Knights,” “Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules” – which we have done live before – we have not done a lot of the others live. There are several songs we have never played live. We are playing a lot of stuff for the first time since we recorded it. It is hard to remember what you played on a lot of these songs.

I found Geezer’s answer to be a bit odd there, that it was hard learning his own songs from back then. I emailed him about it, and he responded to that specific quote with this text:

I said its hard remembering stuff I haven’t played for ages, NOT its hard to play it. I hate interviews, so there you go.

Anyway, there’s a lot by Geezer in this article, including Bill Ward, the name issue, recording the new songs, personalities, lots of goodness here. Check it out!
Additionally, there is a cover article on the Heaven & Hell tour in the new issue of Sweden Rock Magazine. A cover of it is shown here – it’s due to hit the streets on February 6th. If you can read Swedish, then you’ll want to check it out!
BTW, I’m told the text in the middle of the magazine cover says “The “other” Black Sabbath doing a long awaited comeback – again!” :)