The Dio Years E-Card Now Available

Rhino Records has put online a new promotional item for the “Dio Years” album. It’s their “E-Card” for the new album – a relatively common promotional tool these days. Here’s a listing of what you can do at the E-card page:

  • Listen to the full version of “The Devil Cried”
  • View Tour Dates
  • Send the E-Card to a friend
  • Get info on Black Sabbath ring tones
  • Check out the merchandise page

What’s most interesting about this page is that before you get to the menu of the thing, you see a flash based animation, which talks about the album, but also includes some artwork which I had not seen before. Here’s a capture of a couple of frames of the animation:

I inquired about the artwork, and I was told that it was from the inside of the package, so presumably, this is tray art or something from the booklet – I’m unclear on that, but it is connected the the CD you’ll buy (you’re buying it right – right??).
The artwork was done by a fellow by the name of Wes Benscoter, who I have mentioned before on this site. He also did the cover art for the 2003 Dio release, “Stand Up & Shout: The Dio Anthology“. If you check out my discography page for the Anthology here, you’ll see a similar feel in the art.
Anyway, make sure and check out the E-Card over at Rhino’s site today.