A personal remark [UPDATED 2]

Just wanted to drop folks a line. I got the word the other day that I have a family member that was given about a week to live, so if that happens, I might drop off the face of the earth for a bit. I will come back, so PLEASE do not stop sending in pictures and reviews. I will take and use (and credit) anything you send, so please continue to send in things. Thanks.
Update: My stepfather died last night after a bout with several illnesses that I won’t get into here. This will probably keep me offline through the weekend. Thanks for the notes of condolence I’ve gotten so far.
Update 2: I’m back home finally from the funeral service. A big thanks to all who sent me condolence emails (there were a lot). Tonight is the Dallas show, I’ll be leaving to go attend that shortly. I will probably get back in the swing of things over the weekend or early next week. Hang in there. Thanks again for visiting.