Live at Hammersith

Well, to nobody’s surprise, “Live at Hammersmith” sold out. It actually sold out on day of release, but it appears that everyone who pre-ordered would be getting their copy, since some made it to actual day of release (May 1).
I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the limited quantities via email, and I inquired, and was told there will be no reprint, or second issue or anything like that, this was a “5,000 and THAT IS IT” deal. So if you didn’t get one, your only recourse might be Ebay, where I’ve seen copies going for over $100 (which is insane).
Anyway, for those who do have copies, I’m keeping track of who has what copy. If you check out my “Live at Hammersmith” page, you’ll see a list towards the bottom of the numbers people have. The copies are individually numbered, so if you have one, I want to know about it!
First, check the page, and see if you’re on there. If you are not on the list, please email me your name, and where you live, as I’m trying to keep track of where the copies are going. I’d also like to get a picture of your serial number if possible (especially if you have a really cool number).
If you are on the list, please check your information. I pulled a lot of names from the forums where people did not use their names or locations – and some folks who emailed me didn’t give me all that either. I would really like to flesh it out with real names. Thanks.