A Technical Wedding

As you should know if you follow this site, I’ve been collecting names for my Live at Hammersmith “list of numbers” since it started shipping a month ago or so. I was going through the latest batch of numbers this morning, and came across a really cool email from Sabbath fan John Orach of Santa Barbara, CA. It was about he and his wife met with Sabbath and included them in their wedding day. I rather enjoyed this story, and wanted to pass it on to others. Check it out:

Longtime fan of the site. Thanks for keepin’ it crankin! I got my pre-ordered copy when it was released and you can add my # 2069 to your list. My info is..
John Orach
Santa Barbara, CA
Also, as a side note you might find fun. My wife and I got married a month ago. I’m 37, she’s 36, and we’ve been together over 8 years. Part of our attraction was our love of music. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s ….. metal ….. pop …. everything. At the Sabbath Reunion tour in 1999, before we were dating….I went to a pay phone in the LA Forum, dialed her work voicmail, and simply let her hear the bells toll…………and Sabbath play……..she instantly knew who left the message. Anyhoo, flash forward to our wedding. When we got engaged, I proposed the idea that instead of assigning our guest to “table 1, table 2, table 3”, let’s assign the guest to tables denoted by our favorite band’s albums. We printed album covers onto table tents at the tables. We had a table for Rush, Def Leppard, Asia, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, etc………..and of course Black Sabbath. Part of the fun was people had to figure our what album cover was by who as we didn’t print the name on the table tent. I’ve attached one of the ones we’re most proud of. Anyhoo, I’m rambling and you’ve got better things to do.
Thanks again for your site. I really appreciate it!!!

Here’s a copy of the Technical Ecstasy card he sent along with his email: