Brum Rocks Charity Concert

I got an email this morning from someone alerting me to the fact that there’s an upcoming charity concert on Friday, October 5, 2007. Here’s what their website says about the gig:

The 19th-century Town Hall Triennial Festival concerts were fundraisers for the General Hospital. History comes full circle in tonight’s unique event: some of the world’s greatest rock legends join an all-star line-up to raise funds for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Red Balloon Appeal. A celebration of the heyday of Brum Rock, this event is a fantastic opportunity for a trip down memory lane and a great night out.
A fundraising concert for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Red Balloon Appeal, telling the story of the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll in Birmingham with an all-star line-up including Robert Plant, Bev Bevan, John Lodge, and Tony Iommi.

You can get more info about the benefit concerts here and here.
As is my custom I decided to check in with Tony Iommi’s management when I see things like this to verify that they’re legitimate. I forwarded the info to them, and got this email back from Tony’s management office:

This concert is legitimate, and Tony was asked to get involved, however they
are incorrect in advertising that Tony will be performing because he is not available on that date. Please feel free to let fans know via your site that Tony will not be performing.

So there you go; Tony will not be there due to scheduling. But it does seem like a worthy cause, so you should still support the event, even if Tony won’t be there. Former Black Sabbath member Bev Bevan will be there. Think his band will play something from Born Again? :)