The tour is almost over

If you haven’t noticed, the tour is almost over. By my count there are just 15 dates left. Four in Japan, one in Singapore, and then 10 around the UK. The final date of the tour is November 18th in Bournemouth. I know I’ve been getting many emails all during the tour, and during my time off the last month or so about more dates, stuff into 2008, etc… But I’d like to point out that I’ve been telling people not to expect too much – and not to get your hopes up all during the reunion. It was schedule to run through about November or so, and that’s what’s happening. If you want some backup for this besides just my word, check out what Vinny Appice had to say on his own website about the end of the tour:

The US tour has ended. Our thanks go out to Alice Cooper, Queensrÿche and to all the fans who came out and spent the evenings with us!! This so far has been an amazing world tour! Mid Oct we move on to Japan for 4 shows and Singapore for 1 show. The UK is our final leg of the tour with Iced Earth and Lamb Of God on the bill. It’s great to end the tour where the roots of Black Sabbath started and Heavy Metal was born.

The dates that were rumored to be happening in Germany at the end of the month appear to be not happening now. As far as I know folks, – this is it. Once the Bournemouth gig happens, it’s done. Dio goes back to do more Magica, and who knows what Tony & Geezer will do. There’s rumours all over the place about Sabbath again in 2008, but nothing official has happened there, just a few statements from Sharon Osbourne’s office, and a more recent remark from Ozzy saying that he’d be headling Ozzfest 2008. Assuming that’s true, if there is Sabbath in 2008, one would think it’d be Ozzfest again. Yawn.
New album with Dio? Doubt it. More tour dates with Dio? Nothing planned. What happens after the Bournemouth gig? Who knows, but probably nothing for awhile.