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I heard a few interesting rumors in the last few days or so, and wanted to pass them on. What I’ve read tells me that there’s going to be a big cool tour in the fall, that being Heaven & Hell will be touring with Judas Priest & Motorhead. When I read about this, I […]

Heaven & Hell Artwork

I received this email awhile back from Sabbath fan Eric Goldberg, and it’s sat in the dark recesses of my inbox for ages. In going through email tonight, I saw it, and thought I’d bring it up now. Thanks Eric, and sorry for the delay. I’m not sure if you know or are interested, but […]

Black Sabbath: The Dio Years MVI Version now available

I got some info sent my way today for something I didn’t even know existed. It’s an MVI version of “Black Sabbath: The Dio Years”. Since I’ve never heard of this until today, I’ll copy straight from the Rhino website on the release. They describe it better than I could. :) I do have a […]