Cool Map on the BBC Website

I’m making a major attempt at getting caught up with all of my backlogged Black Sabbath email tonight. In doing that, I ran across this cool link which was sent to me back in September 2007 from someone at the BBC. Here’s what they said:

We’re a BBC site, and we’ve just produced an interactive “Music Map” featuring lots of info on the famous musicians who lived in this area – and some of the notable gigs.
There’s a nice section on the early years of Sabbath, and on Bill Ward’ s old house, that still has gates with the opening riff from Paranoid on them. There are photos and an interview with the guy who bought the house off Bill.

I’m sorry to Jerry Chester over at the BBC for letting this slide SO long. This is a cool little thing y’all have put together.
Anyway, you can get to the interactive map by going here. It’s worth it.