Random News Bits and Stuff

As I’ve mentioned below, I’ve been playing catch up with a seven month backlog of emails and submissions. Several things have taken a slide due to this. This post will have several things I’ve run across in the email pile I thought are worth a look.

  • Eric Singer Interview: A cool interview posted in January 2008 with Eric Singer. He talks about just about every major band he was in (including Black Sabbath), and some he was not (Ozzy Osbourne audition). Cool interview; check it out here.
  • Chicago area Tribute Band: Ran across a link to a Chicago based Black Sabbath tribute band that focuses on the Dio years. Check ’em out here.
  • Old 1980 Interview with Sabbath: This is a cool old interview with Geezer, Ronnie, & Vinny during their tour of Australia in 1980. Video quality is crap, but it’s still cool to check out.

I also ran across a lot of emails thanking me for the Eternal Idol retrospective article, as well as many condolences for the miscarriage my wife and I had a few months back. Thanks to all who wrote in for both of those.