Rules of Hell Box Set Update

A couple of days ago I posted the news that there will be a box set based on the four Dio era Black Sabbath releases. I posed some questions of band management regarding some details on the set, and I can now bring you an update based on what I found out.
Individual Releases: The albums will likely eventually be released on their own, but no plans yet, and even that’s not for sure. For now you should consider them part of the box set only.
Remastering: This is not the same remastering sessions that produced last year’s “The Dio Years” releases. This is a totally new remastering session from the Dio Years sessions.
Five Discs: The press release stated that there would be five discs in this release. The five discs will be Heaven & Hell, The Mob Rules, Dehumanizer, & Live Evil. Live Evil will be two discs as it was when it was originally released way back when, so that’s where we get the fifth disc.
Extra Tracks: There are no extra tracks here, the albums are as they were originally released. I specifically asked about the alternate version of Mob Rules (Heavy Metal soundtrack), and the alternate version of Letters to Earth (TV Crimes Single). Was told they’re not being included. Less clear are the two versions of Time Machine. The 1992 version released in the US had two versions (standard & Wayne’s World). The WW version was not on versions outside of the US. Since this is being released by Warner/Rhino, it’s likely the one on here will have both, but I don’t know that for sure at this time.
I was told the “new” extras will be extensive liner notes and things along those lines. I also do not know at this time what the packaging will look like. One of the emails I got said that had yet to be completed, so I doubt there’s full decisions made on this stuff yet. Once I get some artwork and further details, I’ll be sure to update straight away.
UPDATE: Something occurred to me a few hours after I posted this. I don’t know whether this box will be available under the name Black Sabbath or Heaven & Hell. Will update with that too when I find out.