Archives for May 2008

The Dio Years Poll

As we approach something that hasn’t happened now in 13 years (the recording of a new Black Sabbath album – yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – Heaven & Hell. Sod that), I thought I’d query the fanbase about the three most recent studio tracks released under the name Black Sabbath. These are the three new […]

Rules of Hell Artwork Available

Rhino today sent over cover art for the Rules of Hell box set that is due out this summer. I’m passing it along to y’all. Shown here is the cover art for the set, and an image of what the overall box looks like. You can click on either picture for a larger version. I […]

New Studio Album in 2009, plus other news

I received a press release today regarding the upcoming “Rules of Hell” box set, as well as the Metal Masters Tour. Most of what is contained within is information we already knew, but there were a few tidbits in here worth pointing out before you check out the full press release. New Studio album in […]