Rules of Hell Winners

As promised the other day, here are the names of the winners of the RoH contest. These folks were automatically notified via email back on Tuesday, so they know about it already.
Patrick Grimes
Edward Burr
“Doom Vez” (not his real name, but I don’t have the notes here with his real name)
Patrick Sheehan
Brian Huberdeau
The answers to the questions were:
1) The painting used for the cover of the Heaven & Hell album was not originally created for the album. What was that painting’s original name?
The name of the painting was “Smoking Angels”. While I didn’t ask for it, the artist’s name was Lynn Curlee. I actually have done an brief interview with Mr. Curlee, and I hope to have that online shortly.
2) What was the name of the artist that painted the cover art for The Mob Rules album?
That was Greg Hildebrandt who painted this. The original name was “Mob Dream” (which I didn’t ask for as an answer).
3) Name the two theatrical movies that the Dio era of Black Sabbath contributed songs to.
While I didn’t intend for this to be a trick question, it sort of turned out to be one. I was asking for movies the the band specifically contributed music to. Not just any old movie that a Black Sabbath song (with Dio) happened to be in. I got quite a few submissions with things like Trick or Treat, or Halloween, and things like that. I was looking for movies the Black Sabbath specifically had songs they wrote for the movie they appeared in. There’s two of those. That was “The Mob Rules” for the 1981 movie “Heavy Metal”. The other was “Time Machine” which appeared in the 1991 movie “Wayne’s World”. Technically the track E5150 was also in the movie “Heavy Metal”, but most people don’t count that one. :)
4) Which song from Dehumanizer was the only track to be played live on the 1994 Cross Purposes tour with Tony Martin?
This was Time Machine – it was the opening song in the set list on the Cross Purposes tour. On a personal note, the 1994 tour was one of the more varied set lists in the band’s history. Only thing that would have made it perfect is if they hit three criminally underrepresented albums in the live set lists (Never Say Die, Born Again, Seventh Star).
5) What is Ronnie James Dio’s real surname?
I was only looking for his surname, and since I’ve seen it spelled a ton of different ways online, I was not going to get hung up on the spelling. As long as you had something like Padavona, I accepted it as correct.
Thanks to all who entered, and for those who won – congratulations! I hope to have some sort of new giveaway with the new studio album comes out next year. That ought to be a good one. :)