The Rules of Hell at Best Buy

I just found out today (thanks Steve) that there was a version of the forthcoming “Rules of Hell” box set being sold at Best Buy which is an “exclusive”. I was not aware of this happening, so I hit up my contact at Rhino for information. I was told there is indeed going to be a version of “Rules of Hell” specifically available at Best Buy.
The majority of the box will be exactly the same as you can get everywhere else. There will however, be an extra CD packed on the outside that will contain five live tracks from 1981. The live tracks are:

  • Neon Knights
  • The Mob Rules
  • Children of the Grave
  • Voodoo
  • Country Girl

The source of these live tracks was the “Live at Hammersmith” release from May of 2007. The first four of these tracks already were released on the UK Tour Edition of “The Dio Years” last year. Country Girl was not on the Tour Edition release.
If you want to check out this release, you can do so via this link over at the Best Buy website.
From my personal experience at Best Buy, given the quantities Best Buy tends to stock of things like this, if you’re interested, you may wish to pre-order. Best Buy will have the regular version fine, but this one with the extra disc might be harder to come buy. I mean, this isn’t the kind of stuff that fills the “best sellers” section at Best Buy. That section is usually filled with crap, so special editions of Black Sabbath might not be in huge quantities at Best Buy, know what I mean? :)