She’s Gone

From time to time I see cover versions of Black Sabbath songs crop up. Generally I give ’em a pass, but this one seemed more interesting (to me) than most. Check this out. It’s a cover of the “She’s Gone” song from Technical Ecstasy – but in Czech! Look at this video:

Here’s what I got from the person who alerted me to this in email (David Macku)…
Hi Joe,
I am regular visitor to you website and decided to write to you regarding the recent article about Technical Ecstasy LP.
Almost 30 years ago Czech singer Marie Rottrova (whom you never heard of but she is still famous here) recorded a cover version of Black Sabbath – She´s gone. And because the original record (as most of the others form the western world) wasn´t available at that time here, she was very successful. The song itself is beatiful here but the perfomance by Ozzy is weak in my opinion.
Much later I had had a chance to hear the original and must say the Czech cover sounds better (maybe because of the lyrics). It may sound weird to you, but…..
I am sending the Czech song (TV appearance from 2005 or what) just to add to your collection. The singer is now in her sixties and this one belongs to one of her greatest hits:
Lately the song was performed in the Czech version of the TV contest …IDOL by some pretty girl, see here:
Cheers, enjoy