Tour Starts Tonight!

Well, tonight is opening night of the 2008 Metal Masters Tour. From what I’ve heard regarding set lists, and the stage, it looks to be a great show! As usual, I will take all pictures and concert reviews people want to write.
This time around, I’m doing something a little different. I’ve revamped the 2008 Tour section to be interactive. This will allow you to submit your entries directly to the specific tour page. I will still have to approve them, but this should make things A LOT easier in terms of getting reviews posted. In the past, I had to hand edit them onto the page. For this tour, you can submit your concert review directly on the page. It will go into a queue, at which point I will approve them. The reason for this is to combat spam and irrelevant posts about the gig. I would also ask that you refrain from posting to a gig page until you’ve actually seen the concert. Thanks.
I will still take ticket stub scans, and tour advert images via email like normal, but concert reviews can be submitted directly on the tour pages! So if you’re going to one of the shows, be sure and send in your materials. The fan created tour date pages here have been a big success since I started them in 1999, so let’s keep that tradition going!