Dio Era Albums Individually

I got asked this a bunch when Rules of Hell came out, and now I can report that it’s true.
The four Dio era Black Sabbath albums that constituted the Rules of Hell box set are being re-released individually. Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules, Live Evil, & Dehumanizer are all being released on their own in October. October 17th to be precise. These are the same new 2008 Remasterings that were in the RoH box. But now you can just get just one, or skip Live Evil, or however you want to combine it. You can already sort of do that by buying them from Amazon.com’s MP3 store, but if you want the “real disc”, this is your chance.
Hit up the individual entry pages on my site here for ordering links. One other cool thing is that these are being re-released on VINYL, too. So if you know someone who is still into vinyl, this will be something they will definitely want to take a look at.