New album Details Emerge

A new year with a new Black Sabbath album (first time we’ve been able to say THAT since 1995) is upon us. As the album is due in a few short months (it’s due in late April), some details have started to emerge. A posting over at talks about their having heard a few of the unfinished versions of the tracks.
The album is due to have ten tracks in all, and the album is being produced by the band itself, along with engineer Mike Exeter. Mike also produced Iommi’s Fused solo album. In addition he played keyboards on the 2004 version of Iommi’s “96 Dep Sessions” solo release.
No word yet on whether there will be the usual practice of having an extra track for a Japanese release. Some of the track titles were released in this story. They were:

  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Jesus
  • Neverwhere
  • Breaking into Heaven (described as a “slice of sloth-like majesty)
  • Bible Black
  • Double Pain
  • Atom & Evil

There’s more in the article over at, so you’ll want to check that out. Thanks to Terry B for the heads up.
BTW, for those of you who don’t know – the reason the Japanese releases get extra tracks is because it’s generally cheaper for Japanese to buy the imported stuff as opposed to their own domestic releases. Since Japan is such a large market, these extra tracks are put there as an incentive to buy the release. And before folks claim foul that they’re the only region that get these, don’t forget this.. The US version of Dehumanizer was the only one to have the Wayne’s World version of Time Machine on it. Furthermore, the most recent Rhino compilation releases (Black Box springs to mind) were North American releases only. So Japan doesn’t get everything (I normally get a flood of ignorant remarks along those lines whenever I talk about Japanese exclusive tracks).