Live at Hammersmith Owners List

As you probably remember, in May of 2007, Rhino records released a rather limited edition live album by Black Sabbath called “Live at Hammersmith“. There were only 5,000 copies sold in all, and each one was individually numbered. I’ve been compiling a list of owners of the thing on my site, and as of right now, I’m caught up with all my submissions.
Go take a look at the page for the album, and you can see the list. I’m telling you this, because if you see this message, and own a copy, please see if your name is on there. If it is not, please drop me an email and tell me your number. I would prefer you send in a picture of your copy, but that’s mostly just in case you have some “notable” number like 1, or 5,000 (or the guy who had 666 or something like that). It’s also in case I get more than one person claiming to have a copy. Picture is not necessary, but I would like to see it.