Official 2009 Tour Dates Available

Well, last week I was told that the list of dates out there were not exactly official. Today I was sent a list of the first batch of dates for the forthcoming tour for the new album by band management. NEW ALBUM! – That still sounds really cool to me (given it’ll be almost 14 years since the last one!
Anyway, here’s the list of dates. I’ve already updated my 2009 Tour Dates page with them, but here’s a handy list for y’all in the news page:
May 30 – Moscow, Russia – B1
May 31 – Moscow, Russia – B1
Jun 2 – Helsinki, Finland – Icehell
Jun 4 – Oslo, Norway – Spektrum
Jun 8 – Giessen, Germany – Hessenhallen
Jun 9 – Berlin, Germany – Zitadelle
Jun 10 – Bamburg, Germany – Jakoarena
Jun 13 – Bergum, Holland – Festivalterrein Zomerweg (Waldrock Festival)
Jun 14 – Kalsruhe, Germany – Europehalle
Jun 16 – Bonn, Germany – Museumsplatz
Jun 17 – Zurich, Switzerland – Volkshaus
– A better list has been posted here.
That’s all I was given today. No word on openers for these gigs, nor any official word on who is playing keyboards either. I’m assuming it will be Scott Warren, but I couldn’t get that confirmed.
I also found out that the Axel Rudi Pell band will be supporting the Sabs in Germany.