Paranoid 3 Disc Release

Remember that 3 disc Paranoid release that’s been stopped about a dozen times or more at the last minute before it comes out? Well, in the last two days it’s popped up again.
Yet again, I approached Iommi management about it, and inquired as to the status this time. This time I’m told that it is indeed coming out. The listed release date is April 6th, which is a few weeks before the new H&H disc. Whoever put this together certainly seems to have picked an amusing release date. Only way it could have been MORE amusing is if it was three weeks later. :) Anyway, Disc 3 is probably going to be of most interest to people. It contains:

  1. War Pigs (instrumental)
  2. Paranoid (alternative lyrical version)
  3. Planet Caravan (alternative lyrical version)
  4. Iron Man (instrumental)
  5. Electric Funeral (instrumental)
  6. Hand Of Doom (instrumental)
  7. Rat Salad (instrumental)
  8. Fairies Wear Boots (instrumental)

The previous releases were thought to be Super Audio CD’s, I don’t see any note of that this time around. Will try and find out, I really like SACD’s.
Anyway, check out the link above. I don’t see any pre-order links available yet, when I see them, I’ll pass ’em along.