Win an Autographed Copy of “The Devil You Know”

Last week, it was announced that the new album is called “The Devil You Know”, and the release date is going to be April 28th. In the formal press release that came out, two things were not included. One was a track list, and the other was cover art.
So that brings me to my latest contest. As it’s been 14 years since the last Black Sabbath studio album, I wanted to do something different. Those of you who are good with art will want to get in on this one. You can win yourself an autographed copy of “The Devil You Know” by coming up with your own version of the cover art!
What you need to do is come up with your best version of what you think would make good cover art for Heaven & Hell’s “The Devil You Know” album. Submit your entry, and when the contest is closed, a panel of judges will pick the top five winners. We’re still finalizing who will judge the cover art, but it won’t be me alone – I expect some band participation on this one. :)
Anyway, here’s the details:

  • I’d prefer a JPG image. I can take anything, but I would prefer JPG’s.
  • I would prefer a minimum of 800×800 pixels. You can send larger than that, but let’s not get stupid, and send like 4000×4000 images. :)
  • One entry per person. If you send more than one, only the most recent will be considered.
  • Include your name and shipping address with your submission.
  • Send your submissions to

The contest will run until a point when the official artwork is actually released. Since we don’t know what that is, I suggest moving quickly if you’re interested.
For those who can’t draw worth a damn (like myself), I will be running a more traditional contest later for regular (non-autographed) copies of the album. More news on that later.
Get to work, you pixel pushers – let’s see what you got!
Update: I had a couple of people ask. This contest is not to become the legitimate cover art. The prize here is to win an autographed copy of the album. The real cover art will not have anything to do with this contest, except to mark the end of the contest.