Digital Distribution Update

Since I posted the story last week about the entire old Black Sabbath back catalogue from 1970 through 1987 being available on places like iTunes and whatnot, I’ve decided to look into it a bit deeper. As most of you know (or should, anyway) back in the day there were two primary distribution deals. In the US/North America, it was Warner Bros Records. In Europe and elsewhere it was the old Vertigo deal (which later was used for Sanctuary, and is now Virgin).
Anyway, it’s my understanding that this deal announced last week was for the old Virgin/Sanctuary/Universal deal. This does *NOT* cover the US/North America, however, I’m told that the Warner/Rhino/US deal should be involved soon.
Some of this material is already on the US version of iTunes, I’ve been linking to it for some time now, but the complete refresh is not for the US/North America – at least not yet.