Distribution News

There’s a couple of releases coming out in the next month (The 3 Disc Paranoid, and the new studio album). That part is not news. What is news was something I found out yesterday, part of which is probably going to irritate some fans.
The 3 Disc Paranoid Release:
This has been talked about for awhile now, and the thing is finally coming out. However, it’s not coming out everywhere. In particular in North America. As you probably know, the original releases were on Warner Brothers in US/North America and Vertigo (later Sanctuary, now Universal) everywhere else in the rest of the world. This is where the two sets of masters come from (Warners, which was the basis of the original releases, and Black Box.. the other being the masters for the old Vertigo and the 1996 Sanctuary remasters).
Anyway, the point here is I looked into it, and the 3 Disc Paranoid comes from the source material for the old European deal, not the US deal. So if you’re in North America and want it immediately, you’re going to have to pay import prices. At least for now. I’m told it will eventually come out in the US on Rhino, but not right away. When? Who knows.
The Devil You Know:
This is coming out on Warner/Rhino in the US, and I assumed everywhere in the world. I got this email from a fan this morning. It said:

Just got an e-mail from Warner Music Finland (they usually distribute Rhino
in Finland) telling me that the new Heaven & Hell album is not going to be released through Rhino in Europe!? Do you have any info on this?

No, I don’t have any info on that. If it’s not coming out in Europe on Rhino, I have to assume it’s coming out from someone. When I find out who the distributor in Europe will be, I’ll report back.