Paranoid 3 Disc Reissue Update

Got an interesting link sent to me tonight by Norwegian journalist Roy Hilmar Svendsen. It’s an interview with Tony Iommi talking about the three CD Paranoid release due in April. The page itself is in Norwegian (auto translate to English here by Google).
Roy was kind enough to send me over a direct English translation himself of a few of the key questions fans would want to read. Check it out.

TONY: It’s just coming out. It’s got some outtakes of things that we did in the studio. It’s more of a record company kind of thing, to be honest. We’ve not been that involved in it. They’ve managed to find these outtakes. How on earth they found them, I don’t know – but they have. So it’s just bits of things we did in the studio, that the collectors like to have.
NRK: Have you listened to it?
TONY: I’ve listened to the bits, yeah. It took me back to oh my god, I remember that part, because there’s different lyrics on things and different guitar bits. They’re just little bits, you know.
NRK: When is it coming out?
TONY: I’m not sure, to be honest. I’ve been more involved in this one (the Heaven & Hell-album).