Poll Results

Normally I don’t run poll results as a news story, but the results of the current poll surprised me. The poll that I just closed ran from Dec 3, 2008 through till March 1, 2009. The question was this:
Would you rather the new album be called Heaven & Hell or Black Sabbath?
I offered three choices. “Black Sabbath”, “Heaven & Hell”, or “Don’t Care”. To be blunt, I expected the name Black Sabbath to run away with it and hide. I figured it would get something like 85-90% of the vote. It did not. Here are the final poll result for this question.
Black Sabbath – 46.94% – 3816 votes
Heaven & Hell – 41.11% – 3342 votes
Don’t Care – 11.96% – 972 votes
That just surprised the heck out of me. That tells me that the name Heaven & Hell is stronger than most give it credit for. Y’all better buy tickets for the tour then if the name doesn’t mean that much to you.
I myself am calling it Black Sabbath. It’s getting filed under Black Sabbath in my CD collection.