Devil You Know Video & 2 Disc Stuff

Well, there’s been a lot of talk about it, and finally there’s something that can be told.
There will be a version of The Devil You Know with a second disc. A poorly kept secret, mind you, but one that hasn’t been formally announced in the US yet. Rhino doesn’t have a press release on this yet, I’m told one of those is coming shortly, which makes me think there’s some other details we don’t know about yet. We shall see.
Anyway, a DVD with 22 minutes or so of interview footage will be available in the US as an exclusive pre-sale item through Best Buy. Their order page for this version is available here. A week ago or so a version of the 2 disc Devil You Know was available in the UK through Now the UK version is unusable in the US/North America, as the DVD is region encoded to the Region 2. Background info on DVD region encoding is available here.
Best Buy is listing theirs as a pre-order exclusive. The first thing I’ll say is I hope they have their shit together this time. Last time they did that (for Rules of Hell), there was a bonus disc that was only available as a pre-order thing like this. Only I can tell you that there was a lot of complaints I got in email about people pre-ordering and not getting their discs, only to have Best Buy say “Sorry, we ran out”. Secondly, it says it’s a pre-order exclusive. Whether or not that means you can ONLY get it if you pre-order, or if it’s a Best Buy exclusive item, I do not know. I will attempt to get a clarification on that issue tomorrow and update.
Secondly, there’s two pieces of footage online right now which appear to be from the DVD of band interviews. The first is a 1:01 clip that is available on’s page for the album. The other is at Rolling Stone’s website. You can view that one here.
Both are different, so check out both of them for a teaser of the interview footage.