About Ozzy & Black Sabbath

For those of you still hoping for a new album with Ozzy and Black Sabbath, I think this story pretty much totally kills that idea forever.
Go read this. Ozzy is suing Tony Iommi over ownership of the name Black Sabbath. Much eyerolling coming from here.
I was following the band back in 1985 when Tony bought the rights from the remaining originals, and he has owned it since then. For Ozzy (or more probably Sharon) to make this kind of move probably kills Ozzy era Black Sabbath from working together in the future forever, I would think.
NOTE: I have zero inside info on this news – I just found out about it this morning, and I’m operating under personal assumption in what I say here. I only say this because it’s known I sometimes know things I can’t talk about. This is NOT one of them. Thanks to Blabbermouth for the story.