First US Tour Date Rumor [ UPDATED ]

Got this sent to me from Sabbath fan “Tom” sent me the following email.

Hey Joe, I just got an email saying Heaven and Hell are playing in Cincy on Aug 18th with Coheed and Cambria opening up. You probably already know but I didn’t see this confirmed anywhere but I know it’s a legitimate email.

Aug 18th in the US would fit with what I’d seen rumoured in the past as for US dates. I cannot get official confirmation about the date. Nor do I have any clue who “Coheed & Cambria” are. I’ve never heard of them before.
More as I get it.
UPDATED: I had a few more people send me another date via email. That would be August 21st in Detroit, MI. Both people that sent me that said that the article they read in the Detroit Free Press says tickets go on sale on May 8th. This tells me we should be getting a proper US tour date list shortly if tickets are going on sale this soon. Additionally, there was a post on my forums saying Los Angeles on Aug 11th.