First batch of Official US Tour Dates [ UPDATED ]

This morning, the official H&H Myspace page posted a blog entry with a listing of the first batch of US Tour Dates. First off, I want to say this before I post the dates.
THIS IS NOT ALL OF THE DATES! Even before I posted this, I had a few people send me “WTF” style emails saying “What about xxxx”? Come on people, first new album in how many years, and you think that will be all the US dates? While I don’t have anything official on that subject, I cannot imagine this is all of them. If I get any sort of official conformation on this issue (I’ve asked), I’ll update.
UPDATE: I’ve been told officially that there will be more tour dates. Whether they follow up right after these, or at a future date has not been decided – but there will be more than this.
Anyway, here’s the list of US Tour dates released today:
07 Vancouver, BC Thunderbird Arena (On Sale 5/9)
08 Seattle, WA WaMu Theater* (On Sale 5/8)
10 San Jose, CA Event Center Arena (On Sale 5/8)
11 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theater (On Sale 5/9)
12 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theater (On Sale 5/11)
14 Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion (On Sale 5/9)
15 Denver, CO Red Rocks (On Sale 5/9)
18 Cincinnati, OH PNC Pavilion (On Sale 5/8)
19 Chicago, IL Charter One Pavilion (On Sale 5/15)
21 Detroit, MI Meadow Brook Pavilion (On Sale 5/8)
22 Cleveland, OH Nautica Pavilion (On Sale 5/8)
23 Baltimore, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion (On Sale 6/5)
25 New York, NY WaMu Theater @ MSG (On Sale 5/8)
27 Wallingford, CT Chevrolet Theatre (On Sale 5/9)
28 Boston, MA Bank Of America Pavilion (On Sale 5/8)
The opener on all these dates is a band called “Coheed & Cambria”. That is on all but the Seattle date on the 8th. The opener for that date is “Neurosis”. Anyway, I had never heard of Coheed & Cambria before. If you’ve never heard of ’em before, click here, to check out one of their songs on Youtube.
I’ll have my 2009 Tour Date Page updated later today or tonight. I’m kind of busy at work, and can’t prep all that today. :)