On my way back

Hey gang. Sorry I’ve been gone, but losing your job is not a fun thing to deal with. Yesterday was a good day, and today is better. I had a job interview yesterday that seemed to go well, so hopefully that pans out. But today my son is being born. I leave for the hospital in about half an hour.
I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart those who contributed to the “donation cup” in the story below. It’s really helped a lot. If you still would like to contribute, it still can be done in the story below this one.
And to those who insulted me about the request? Well, I have just this to say.. Read Luke 6:22. The request was made out of a genuine need, and was optional, and was something I prayed over. God Bless you, too.
Fortunately, the band hasn’t announced more tour dates while I’ve been out, and I’ve gotten little from the dates that have happened in terms of pictures and reviews. What I have gotten I will post next week after my wife is back from the hospital. Being unemployed will allow me a little more time to work on the site. :)
See you next week,